The books issued by our StudyCompany inc. can read the ebook version of the book for free.

With the new e-book service, you can download e-book data to your terminal by using a dedicated e-book reader application.

Once you download it, you do not need to connect to the Internet and you can read the e-book anytime, anywhere.
(Internet connection environment is necessary for installation of e-book reader application and download of e-book data.)

In addition to commemorating the renewal, we set up a “trial version library” that you can try reading Itano’s reference book for free!

Please make good use of ebooks and use reference book of Professor Itano greatly!

■ How to use e-book service ■

1. Install the dedicated e-book reader application “FlippingBook Reader”.

Supported models: iPhone 5 or later / Android 4.4 or later

2. Download ebook to ebook reader application.

① When downloading the ebook of books you have already purchased

Browser (Safari browser on iOS, Chrome browser on Android) To open the “Gorogonetto” top page and open the page of the book you purchased.
(If you are registering a Gorogonet user, you can see the list of purchased books by opening “My Page”.)

Tap the “ebook” icon in the “Additional content” section in the page.

Click the “Open in app” button displayed at the top of the screen. If the display does not appear, tap the “Download” button at the bottom center of the screen.


The e-book reader application starts up and the download of the e-book starts.

For how to use the e-book reader, please refer to the Help button (?) Or below. “Trial version” is in “library”.

* On Android smartphone, the e-book application may not start. At that time please enter the Gorogonet from the Chrome browser and try again.

② To download only the trial version e-book

Please click the following link from the browser. “Open in app” will be displayed at the top of the screen, please proceed as in ① afterward.

To (trial version) old language word Gorogo

In case
* All the trial version books of the study company are available in the “library”.

3. About “trial version”

If you download something from the Study Company’s books, all “trial version” will be available for download from “Home” -> “Library”.


“Trial version library” is displayed.

※ Currently, “All ABOUT Itano” is being released for free!

* If the e-book application does not start up on the Android version, please try again from the Chrome browser by entering the gorogonet.